Friday, September 12, 2014

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Goddess Randi and Her Caged Lesbian

It's always a pleasure breaking their spirit as long as some other things if the femdom session goes really out of hand, but this gorgeous lesbian blonde is already well trained and behaved. She's waiting patiently for her Goddess Randi to let her get out of her cage so she can walk around on all fours, with not a stitch on, of course. We wouldn't want her feeling comfortable now, would we. Once she reaches the bedroom she's not to climb up on top, pleasing her mistress with her tongue is not on the menu today, but hardcore ass whipping it, that amazing tight ass gets lifted high up in the air so the stick can leave red marks all over it, and that's just the start - there's also a many-headed whip that ends up all over her ass and back, leaving more red marks and leaving her gasping for breath with every stroke her mistress makes. It's easy to see how turned on this makes her, her pink shaved pussy is dripping wet even halfway through and her mistress has just warmed up for some really hot lesbian femdom action.

Prison power fuck

It all starts out with a corrupt cop that needs some of that inmate cock, and once they've had time to get nice and intimate with some deep blowjobs the conjugal visit chicks enter the scene and it's totally on for a high intensity bisexual prison party!

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